Board Members

Association of Student Assistance Professionals
Of Vermont  Board 2023

Currently the Board is not meeting.   However we are looking for new Board members. You must be a current or former SAP to hold office per our By-laws.

Interested? Contact Debby Haskins:  or call 802.456.1479

Board members as of January 2023:

President: Vacant
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant
Secretary: Debby Haskins 802-456-1479
Facebook Technician: vacant
Web Master: Debby Haskins:


Former Board Members:

John 802-999-7685

Judge Ben Joseph: : 802-372-6117

Judge Ben is a  former State Representative from Grand Isle & Judge and  our newest Board member.

PO Box 85
Waterbury, VT 05676