What do you think the State of Vermont needs to pay attention to in regards to Substance Abuse Prevention?

If you could tell the State of Vermont Opioid Coordination Council (O.C.C.) (soon to be the Prevention Council) what it should look at next in the area of substance abuse prevention– intra/inter-agency, community, program, policy, infrastructure, etc., what would it be?

What, from your perspective, is critical to the work of the OCC? (What are they missing?) •What do you want us to hear? To know? To communicate to the OCC? • Respond to Rose Gowdey or Jolinda Laclair:

rose.gowdey@vermont.gov   jolinda.laclair@vermont.gov


ASAP Fall Conference Details:

What: Two Tentative workshops: Anxiety, and Depression in Adolescents, and the other workshop is: The Neurobiology of Addiction in Adolescents.

When: October 7, 2019

Where: Capitol Plaza, Montpelier, VT

Vaping & Marijuana Conference, April 4th- Recently Eighty-seven SAP’s, Prevention Specialists, Community members, Law Enforcement, School personnel attended the Annual ASAP Spring Conference at Lake Morey.  Here are the resources they shared: 

*** Conference handouts can be found on our Resource Page. We are still working with FCD to get permission to share Corrine’s Powerpoint. 


Hey Kiddos: Jarrett J. Krosoczka  (about addiction in the family)

The Benefits of Being an Octopus: Ann Braden (about middle schoolers in making decisions & exploring our assumptions)

Tell Your Children the truth about Marijuana: Alex Berenson (his findings on psychosis and marijuana around the world research).

Contemporary Health Issues on Marijuana: Kevin Sabet & Ken Winters (excellent comprehensive book on data-driven marijuana facts.)


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Please welcome our two newest Board Members:

Tim Trevithick- SAP at Champlain Valley Union

Lt. John Flannigan –  VT State Police, retiring April 12th.