ASAP Fall Conference with Dr. Marilyn Huestis & Virginia Fry.

They are here!!! Finally, we have Dr. Huestis’ slides right here:

and the afternoon here:

We are sorry you missed a fantastic day with tons of research and time in the afternoon to gather tools for trauma and grief work. There were 44 in attendance and the room was filled with SAP’s, Prevention Specialist, Coalition members, and others. This was our 24th Annual Conference and we were amazed at the research Dr. Marilyn Huestis presented. In the afternoon Virginia Fry came out of retirement and gave us specific tools to heal trauma and grief. Her work was amazing.

We are already working on our April 7, 2020, Conference to be held at Lake Morey. So mark your calendars. Let’s fill the room and CELEBRATE 25 YEARS OF HELPING OUR YOUTH.