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The Student Assistance Program Goals and Objectives

The Student Assistance Program is a proactive rather than a reactive program designed to intervene with young individuals in need of support. It is based on the recognition that personal problems can debilitate a student’s potential to achieve maximum performance in the learning environment and in life, and that professional intervention with students experiencing life-disrupting problems is usually late and sporadic.

The original design was modeled after Employee Assistance programs that operate in the industry. While remaining consistent with that concept the operating model has evolved to provide early intervention to students in a wide range of issues. These include substance abuse and chemical dependency, interpersonal skills, peer relationships, dysfunctional families, stress, and growth and adjustment. In addition, the program has become the vehicle whereby these issues are brought to various classrooms in an educational setting, and it has also emerged as the catalyst for structuring group counseling experiences for those students who have been identified as in need of this type of support.

Goals of the Student Assistance Program:
The operational goals of the Student Assistance Program are:
• To provide prevention and education services to all students, either in small groups,
workshops or other formats.
• To provide an intervention service for those students who are identified as having substance
abuse problems.
• To provide an intervention service for those students who are identified as having
difficulties dealing with stress, dysfunctional families, peers, and personal and school-
related adjustments.
• To provide short-term counseling for those students who are identified as being in need of
such service.
• To screen students for referrals to outside agencies.
• To provide educational and training services to the school, community in areas of substance
abuse issues, interpersonal skills, group counseling, and stress management.
• To train and counsel student clients in effective techniques for managing stress, substance
abuse issues, dysfunctional families, and peer relationships.
• To assist students in developing a positive self-concept.
• To train and counsel student clients in interpersonal skills.
• To organize and implement peer leadership groups; such as SADD, VKAT, VTLSP, and/or OVX