April 4, 2019 Vaping & Marijuana Conference @ Lake Morey

This day long training is about  Vaping & Marijuana.


Vaping is a drug-use practice that poses multiple health risks to young people, including but not limited to swift progression to the disease of addiction. This section will explore: 1) what electronic nicotine delivery systems or “ENDS” are, and what vaping is, 2) what the use of vapes does to the young body and mind, 3) how vaping compares to traditional cigarette and other drug use, 4) why persons, and especially young people, may choose to use vapes, 5) what addiction to vaping looks like, 6) what vaping cessation options can be most effective for youth, 7) and how adults who care can model and encourage healthy, non-vaping decisions among young people in their communities.

Marijuana: How Harmless is It?

Marijuana’s reputation as a “soft” drug masks its potential for harm. This section discusses the effects of marijuana on metabolism, hormones, memory, and motivation, and it also looks at the social, emotional, and intellectual cost of marijuana use. Specifically, the section will explore risks of early use, how marijuana affects the brain, marijuana vaping, and the risks of combining marijuana with alcohol or other drugs.