2018- Save the dates: (if you know of relevant trainings for SAP’s contact Debby Haskins @

We missed you at the 27th Annual SAP Conference at Lake Morey. The thirty-four that attended were consumed with Ethical and Legal Issues in Schools. Lots of changes to 42 C.F.R. Part 2 and discussions about the possible dual roles if you are on student’s social media and social network sites. Be sure to talk with your clinical supervisor about the changes.

Save the Date: October 12th, 2018. Tall Cop  Standing at 6’9”, Jermaine Galloway can look intimidating. But in fact, he’s a devoted, passionate man who cares about America’s (and beyond) youth and communities. That passion informs what he does with Tall Cop Says Stop.will be in Vermont Friday, October 12th @ Capitol Plaza, Montpelier, VT. Cost is $125.00, which includes breakfast & lunch.

Other trainings:  

June 5th @ the Stoweflake, Stowe: Annual Suicide Symposium featuring Keynote Speaker John Halligan. John will also present on cyberbullying and suicide. Sponsored by Center for Health and Learning. More information to follow.